bow vices for sale.
these are new.
you can adjust third axis and work hands free on your string for serving or whatever you like.
you can mount them left or right on a bench, or underneath, however. the base has four holes for mounting in the fashion you prefer, or use all four holes for super secure mounting.
you can mount the pivot arm on the left or right to coincide with your base mounting on your bench to keep the third axis adjustment.
you can mount the base underneath your bench and use the other holes on the base arm to also keep your third axis usable.
you can adjust the pivot arm from right to left along with switching the knobs from right to left depending on how you mount the base or if you are right or left handed.....
the "stabilizer" just screws in your stabilizer hole and slides right into the tubing and will tilt from side to side to allow for squaring of the bow string to make life easier for arrow tuning, sight leveling, etc. the stabilizer slides in and out also to allow for more reflex for some bows so you don't have to worry about fit in tight areas on your bench etc.
i will try to get a video demo later this week to show everyone how they work. i think they are pretty self expanatory though.

they will hopefully be selling for $50.00 tyd.
paypal or money is fine.
i only have 5 built for the time being.