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    Default "Good Reputable Pro Show"

    Hi. I've been reading here because I'm thinking of returning to archery. I was first position on my high school archery team back in the 70's and I used a cheap 60" 30# fiberglass recurve. Never had any problem hitting the bulls eye with my zen style. Y'all make it sound very complicated with fitting and measuring and such. Well, I guess everything is more complicated these days.

    I see that the primary advice given here is to find a "Good Reputable Pro Shop." Can somebody recommend one in the Cincinnati (tri-state) area for me? Until then I'll be using a bow similar to the above mentioned.

    Also, will I be looked down upon for not being a hunter? I only want to do target shooting in the back yard. Oh, and I want one of those big round straw targets on a stand like we used in high school.

    TIA, Carole

    ETA: What is "3D"?

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    Default should have a section for pro shops/clubs (I can't verify this since it si blocked at work). Typically when we are talking about fiting and measuring and such we are refering to compound bows. For compouds the "fit" is important because as the cams (wheels) roll over you get to a point where you cannot draw any further (the wall). If the bow doesn't do this at the right point then you will not shoot consistantly. If you decide to shoot a recurve this is not an issue because you don't have this. Then as an adult you will probably only need to determine your correct draw weight with a 60" bow. As far as not being a hunter noone is perfect (except for me of course ). As far as what "3D" is it is a game that uses unmarked distances to shoot foam animals (they are in three dimensions as opposed to shooting paper that has an animal drawn on it in two dimensions). (picture and explanation links it is allot of fun. you should definately try it.
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