Hi, I am a beginner archer. Just bought my first bow. I am 28 years old. 5'7 tall. I bought a PSE Optima off of craigslist. It has 56 inch limbs with a 25 pound draw. I've been told that 56 inches is a bit too short for me. I'd like to get 62 inch limbs.

My question is, has anyone had any experience with changing limbs on the PSE Optima? The guy I bought the bow off of said it was about 10 years old. Did PSE change their limb system at any point or could I just buy new PSE optima limbs and they will be compatible with the old bow?

My other question is - Is it ok to keep learning with the 56 inch bow for now and just invest in a new one later if I cant find replacement limbs?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.