Selling PSE Magna Flight bow. This is an older bow with hardwood and glass laminate limbs. Excellent condition and not used very much. It was a premium bow in it's day. I paid $500.00 for the bow about 15 years ago. If your starting out in the sport and money is an issue, then check this one out. Everything you need to go hunting, all you need is a release. I'll let this go for $300.00. Comes with a quiver and (Couple Dozen new )XX75, 2216 Easton arrows Camo. Also have some Rocky Mountain Broadheads that go with it. Its a compound bow that can be set from 55# to 70# and I think it's got 75-80 percent let off. Nothing wrong with this bow. I just don't need two of them. This bow is a classic. You can email me at if interested.