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    Default Setting up a sight on a recurve bow?

    I recently bought a PSE Optima recurve bow and bought a sight to put on it. When I went for my lesson at the archery place, the guy helped me set it up and explained to me how to adjust it. After it was set up he said that I should only have to move the sight up and down and that left and right was unnecessary as I had already set it up and was shooting great just where it was at the range that day.

    When I got home I started shooting at a target I have set up in my basement. Not only did I have to adjust the sight up and down for distance, but I found that I had to move the pin all the way in to the right and I am still shooting a little too far right.

    Does anyone know of any online guide or have any advice on how to deal with this. I am really new to all this and wont be able to go for another lesson for a couple of weeks.


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    I just started shooting about 3 months ago and I did the same thing. You my have moved your anchor point and don't even realize it. That is the problem that I'm working on at this moment .

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    You are exactly right. I went to the shooting range and discussed it with the owner. He watched me shoot for a few minutes and I wasnt keeping a consistent anchor point. Also the button wasnt set up correctly and he adjusted it. I'm shooting accurately now. I just have to work on being consistent with my form.

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