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Thread: First 3-D Shoot

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    Default First 3-D Shoot

    Alright...Sunday is my first 3-D shoot I'm using a Bear Instinct, that I haven't put many arrows through yet. I'm just looking for a few tips on some basics to work on. I'm not expecting the world, but look forward to hitting something I told my buddy that I'm going with that I had six arrows, and asked how many I should bring? He said........."Better bring them all"

    Thanks Guys

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    Just go and have fun.Do not worry about the score. Scores will come later. Use this time to learn. Be sure to take your binoculars.

    to the insanity.

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    Default Tip

    Before shooting step off 20 and 30 yrds. Just to get an idea in your head.

    Step back and look at it.

    Elite bows, Vortex Binos, Trophy Taker sights, Carter releases, Goldtip Arrows. CBE sights, Vapor Trail Strings, B Stinger stabilizers

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    Default Arrows

    While I would bring all 6 arrows I doubt you will need them all. Even if you miss most arrows can be found. Enjoy!

    p.s. Where is the shoot? I also live in the Granite State.

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    If it's an indoor, locate your POI on the next target while on your way back to the line.

    Sounds pretty simple untill you get distracted and forget to do it

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    The shoot was in Raymond. Wasn't able to make the same bug my 5yr old had, so wasn't up to going. There is one at Monadnock in Peterborough next weekend that I should make one day.

    Recurve Master...what part of NH?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Granite Stater View Post
    The shoot was in Raymond.
    There is one at Monadnock in Peterborough next weekend that I should make one day.

    You are in my old neck of the woods! I worked for Cabletron in Gonic, Rochester, Durham and finally @ Pease.

    I lived on Manchester and Hooksett for 14 years. I used to shoot the course at Bear Brook all the time... When I wasn't otherwise occupied riding all the trails at Bear Brook on my mountain bike ;-)

    We still go to Epsom every summer, my wife's folks still live there.

    Gone camping in the mountains of Afghanistan.
    Will return sometime in early/mid 2012.

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    Default New at 3D? Use a BowcamTreecam

    Hi there. If your a new 3D shooter, get yourself a BowcamTreecam and mount your video camera to it. The video gives you great feedback on your shooting. It is the best piece of equipment I use when 3D shooting. Plus if you do hunt, it is a necessity. Have fun.

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    Default Hello

    I live in Concord NH, but am moving to Weare shortly.

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    Recurve Master...I'm down here in Merimack.

    Thanks to all for the advice. I'm really starting back to ground zero so all the tips help out a bunch.

    Sand Squid, this is a great area, glad you get to make it back every year. And, thank you for your service

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