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    Quote Originally Posted by Bentobox View Post
    I'm a newbie here and I've only been shooting for three years. All of my opinion has already been voiced by others with far more experience than I have. But, here's an opinion from a newbie:

    I've done a lot of looking around. I like to research and explore things. Dang, there are a heck of a lot of really good and really interesting bows out there! But, I am drawn to good craftsmanship (engineering), good looks, good feel, good performance and price. The first three of those are very subjective. Good performance is almost a given in today's market and price just narrows the field.

    So, from what I can tell the best manufacturer is the one that makes the bow that fits you best, both in your hand and in your head. I know who my "best manufacturer" is and for me they nail the first four factors. They're pricey but you get what you pay for!

    That is one of the most true posts i've heard

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    Being as I shoot for Martin I'm going to say Martin. Now to be serious about it there are probably about 20 companies that make equally "the best bow". Nobody has a patent on "the best" bow.

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    Default Longbow

    I'm a longbow guy and I shoot nothing but a J D Berry

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    The best Bow out there is the one You Are Shootin'. Nuf said. I currently shoot a Bowtech Tribute. I aint loyal to no Bow manufacturer. I shoot many bows all the time and if a bow strikes my interest I'll shoot it and if i like it... I buy it. There are alot of nice Bows out there. Go shoot em' and decide for yourself.

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