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    Default World Series of Archery

    Last night we at our local club league we shot our first World Series of Archery event. We stuck with the their format other than we had 15 shooters, giving us an odd number, so we decided since this was the first time any of us have shot this round we all would be in the elimination bracket. With the odd number the top seed got a bye in the first round.

    We did not allow anyone to pre shoot the paper, we started with an open mind and two practice ends. Top seed was my 12 year old son, shooting the only 11 on the final arrow. (He spanked his 15 year old brother with the final arrow, who shot a 332 during the 8 end portion) There is a total possible score of 44 on each of the 8 ends preceding the final arrow and many of us shot 40/41 or better the first shooting this target face. We had several 43’s but no 44’s. They will come as this face is larger than the 5 spot circles and I found it comfortable to center my scope.

    The Final arrow, the one that matters! This dot is small, a 1/2'” red dot that scores an 11, centered among scoring circles measuring ¼” out to a possible lowest score of a 5. These are red rings……but you can’t see them, all you see is the red dot! For those of you that have shot the Saturday night event at Iowa, you get the idea. I struggled a bit with this portion of the evening!

    We shot the qualification round in exactly one hour including the two practice ends. Every one had a blast and I believe this target face will be a permanent portion of our spot league.

    We will be hosting a WSOA money shoot on March 13th. The flyer is posted in the Tournament Discussion section. For those of you looking to give your league a boost, I strongly suggest this target face. Bret York (WSOA) has been very helpful and quick to reply with any questions we have had.


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    Default wsoa will get your league "fired up"

    Thanks for the post Eric! These guys shot this round in their league and now want to host a tournament! Don't miss out on this exciting archery game, get your league to try this, you won't be dissapointed!

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