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The one thing I've learned is there is no positive outcome when it comes to discussing this particular stabilizer. Tried it on AT without success, same goes here.. I guess I'm just the odd duck that doesn't get it..

For some reason, I seem to shoot better with more weight closer to the riser. Put my bow on a scale tonight and it tipped just over 10 pounds. After some extended shooting, it does let me know that I need to get back in the gym. My shot put days are long behind me..
Looks like in this thread, Im the odd duck. I think Javi and Huntelk are agreeing with you. If someone dissagrees and many do on stabilizers doesnt make anyone right or exactly wrong. One thing no one can dispute is many are able to use these and win with these. Hunter Davis Dad who won lancasters in Mens Pro BHFS wasnt using a B Stinger . I certianly notice that. Braden with Mathews isnt shooting a B Stinger. Not the holy Brail to archery. Obviously they dont work for you. Thats why Blair with B Stinger gives a money back garantee, something you dont find in archery very often. I get that! Heck there tons of products that are very popular that some just flat dissagree with. Heck Javi shoots a Mathews.ets dont even start disscussing bows.