I just got a 2010 Bowtech Sentinel FLX in Blue Flame. I shot the Sentinel last year for 3D and it was a good shooter. The only flaw I found was it tuned inside of center. Not really a big deal but it was there.

So the 2010 arrives. I put a trophy taker spring steel on it. Set the center shot right down the middle and set the nocking point level and tied my loop.

Walked out to the paper tuning rack with Goldtip Series 22 Pro and shot a perfect bullet hole, first arrow.

The bow is set from the factory at 29" (didn't measure yet) and 61.1 # (confirmed on my scale).

I have not chrono'd the bow yet but the birth cert says 321 at 29". It looks like I'll be able to get another pound or two out of it which will be great for those 333gr Goldtips.