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Thread: Peep sight

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    Default Peep sight

    peep sight question. When I'm shooting outdoors in natural light my peep is clear and defined. Indoors it isn't clear and the sight window appears larger. What causes this and is there any recommendations

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    Default Peep sight

    You didn't state what size peep you use probly a larger one, if so try a small peep and see if that helps to clear it up for you.

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    1/8th. natural light it's clear and flourescent its blurry. Just wondering if anyone had a good explanation why

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    I'm sure the answer is that you are getting some kind of glare, like off the floor or something that you aren't getting outside.

    They make a paint marker used for firearm scratch touch ups. Get the FLAT black one and coat the inside of your peep. You could try to spray bomb it with some flat black too, but you would have to (or at least you should...)take it out of the string to do that.

    It will make a difference, I do it to all my peeps.
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