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    Senior Member Daniel Boone's Avatar
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    Default Good Luck to everyone in Florida ASA Pro am

    New shoot sight. Start of a new year in ASA.

    Take those boots. ABOK said its a chance of rain there Friday. He said hopefully looking good for the weekend.

    Looking forward to shooting and seeing those in the state.

    Paris will be my first Pro am.

    GOOD LUCK and let us know how you do! Someone take a few pictures.

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    Thanks DB!! Huntelk and I are flyn out with Bill Lewis of Iowa friday afternoon. Looking fwd to shooting at the new location, should level the playing field for those of us who have not shot the course before and dont get to look at targets yr round. Maybe I should move south. lol Just kiddn, I couldn't leave the big deer up here

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    Good luck everyone! I wish i could have gone too!!
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    Thanks DB, leaving Thursday, hoping to make it down there to shoot alittle practice before the rain starts.

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    Good Luck to all of the Green Country Posse
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    quite a bit of wind early today followed by rain..better than the snow i'm gettin at home i guess..

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