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    Quote Originally Posted by Huntelk View Post
    Archery is still a physical sport. To see success in archery you don't have to be tall, fit, fast and strong like in football or basketball, but there are still many physical factors that play large roles in our ability.

    Having a bow set up to compliment your physic as closely as possible helps a lot, but there are definitely some physical limitations. That being said, I believe most of the limitations in archery are mental.

    I'd like to see a guy like Xquest quantify the elements of a successful archer.

    How would you guys quantify it? Anything like this:

    70% mental discipline/training
    20% equipment
    10% physical ability

    I wonder where Kisik Lee would put the values.
    I agree most of it is mental but physical needs to be higher than equipment.
    I could shoot 60 X's 30 years ago and the equipment wasn't nearly as good as today.
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    Im just saying part of the mental game is being very comfortable with the bow your shooting. My mental game is much better when I feel my bow is shooting and holding like it should. It takes away doubt that can creep in when I know my equipment is where I want it. Just like you've said time and time again practice scores aren't tournment scores. I shoot alot of 3D tournament so my comfort zone is high but I seldom shoot indoor tournaments maybe one to two a year and not very big ones at that haven't learned how to handle the nerves on a full line yet.
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    Default Nothin wrong with that

    Quote Originally Posted by Daniel Boone View Post
    Older I get the more mine looks like this
    You just need to tighten the red dot down inside the X ring and let it float inside the X.......a little follow through on the shot and you are in.

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    looks good compared to mine

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