My name is Louis Henschel. Recently my grandfather passed. He was heavily into archery. He has created a few devices that I am interested in presenting to custom shops. My goal is to find someone who would be interested in developing this (slightly outdated) item and trying to incorporate it to the newer style of compound bows. Also, I have an ENTIRE bow – custom designed from our own line called the “StarFlight” P38. Again, I have one complete device, assembled and ready to shoot.

The device is called the “Speed Window”. Its goal is to eliminate all cable interference with a device that offsets the strings (No Cable Guard) without creating torque on the limbs, cable stretching and eliminates any and all friction that causes slower speed.

This device eliminates the need for a 1. Cable Guard, 2. Bow Slings, 3. Stabilizers. It allows for smaller carrying case and lighter weights. It is an slightly outdated item as it is on a (2) cam bow tha was created in 1999. FPS is roughly 220 which is not to todays standards.

I have a patent on this device and a few installed that are working at 100%. I was wondering if you might be interested in meeting and discussing this device, let you actually see it in person as well as shoot the bow.

From there spending some time to update this and possible market it for sale.

If you would like to chat more on this, please give me call.

Louis G. Henschel
302 535 -5433