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    Default Kishwaukee first since hurting my back

    I went to the Kishwaukee indoor qualifier this weekend. Very busy for an indoor. We waited a little over an hour before we could get on the line.

    What a great shoot. I setup a Destroyer 340 on Saturday and took it to the shoot on Sunday. Nothing like doing things at the last minute.

    Overall, I didn't shoot too bad. I shot 2 eights and finished 36 up with a 336. Not too bad considering how little shooting I've done in the past 2 months. Hurt my back just over 2 months ago and couldn't shoot.

    I had fun and the bow shot really good. I need to work on some shooting form issue with being patient on my release. A little more practice should take care of that.

    The guys put on a great shoot and there are some really great shooters that go to this event. We consistently see some shooter that are putting up score in the 50+ up category.

    At the championship, they will split the shooters into different divisions.
    Elite 32 will shoot head to head for a $3000 first place check
    The next 64 shooters will shoot head to head for $1000 first place check
    I believe they will also have bush flights for $500 to the winner.

    Great money for a local event and pretty good odds considering there are only about 300 shooters.
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    good shooting Chris, Your right they do put on a great shoot down there
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