I messed up my first day of shooting at an ASA 3d shoot, so I'd like to help others so they do not make the same mistakes I did.

Make sure you have everything packed. The night before I went through a checklist to make sure that I had everything. Arrows, Bow, Quiver, 2x Releases, Pens, Stabilizers, etc... I packed it all the night before and threw my bow in the back of the vehicle and was on my way. Much to my horror, when I had arrived neither of the two releases I had packed were in my case. I had left the zipper undone and my puppy pulled them out to play with them. Thankfully my brother's girlfriend had an extra and I got to shoot it.

Make sure all your equipment is tight. Two weeks before my shoot I had taken my bow to a "pro" shop as well as some arrows to be fletched. First off it took over a week and a half to get my stuff back, then I noticed I wasn't shooting too consistently. I chalked it up to pre-tourney jitters and went to the tournament. I shot horribly all day. Only two 12s, tons of 8s, and five 5s, FIVE 5s!!!

With these two things already under my belt I shot a 162 in my first tournament. The release was a finicky Tru-Fire, so I had a hard time getting used to it and when I got home to practice for the next day, my arrow rest was wobbling all over the place. The "pro" shop had only hand tightened the stuff I had asked him to square up.

MY brother and I then worked on tweaking and sighting for over two hours that evening. The second day of the tournament I went out there with my release and a properly tuned bow and shot a 194.

Let my horror story be a lesson to you and I hope you have success in your own shooting.