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    Default Getting my 3d course out there

    I am the range manager for a local archery shop.We just recently left the 3d group that we had our course in .Now we are going out on our own and I would really like to see 3d make a come back.If any one has any ideas on how to get our 3d course out in the archery world , Please let me know.We have about 42 acre course with mostly rhinehart Targets. We also want IBO rules.That is the reason we are no longer with the other group.
    I really think we could get a 3d club started also.

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    Just some ideas, the most successful clubs I've seen have a great membership that is willing to put in the work to keep the range looking good and put in the time to have meetings, newsletters, etc. The shoots they put on also allow for all types of shooters and levels (including a non-competitive division for less money). They set them up to be challenging, yet fun (shots that make you think). Also have shoots on a regularly scheduled basis like the first weekend of the month every month during summer.

    Another thing to do since you want to go the IBO route is to try to get your state's IBO qualifier. Not sure if this would work well for you using rhineharts but I'm not sure if that matters for a state qualifier.

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