was having some problems with my form and follow through with my new insatiable. not new but new to me. learned alot. shot alot of arrows and seen where my problems were. we dropped the poundage on my bow and that helped alot.we tinkered a little bit with some things and eventually threw on a 27" doinker a bomb and a set of 12" cartel v-bars. i was shooting alot better by the time i left and am now confident with my shots. my bow elbow is a little sore but im happy with the results. litemup (robert) is a heck of a guy and a great teacher. we shot a 7 end round of 5 spot, i hit about 7 or 8 4s about half were in the x ring though. i even shot a back tension for the first time tonight. that was way different. but it was cool at the same time. thanks robert for the help