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Thread: Few questions

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    Default Few questions

    I have just recently bought my first bow and had a few questions about it but first off I am just using the bow for target shooting as I have no interest in hunting. I bought a Bear Kodiak compound for $100 and it had a mounted quiver that holds 7 arrows and it came with 4 arrows and an assortment of field points and broad heads, I have a 30.5" draw and it's set for 30" at 65 pounds right now which feels fine as soon as I can get my arm strength up to par for shooting a bow that is. The bow has the adjustable brass pin sight on it and I am looking for tips on how to get them setup correctly. Right now I am shooting at a target from right at about 20 yards away, the best thing that I have been able to do is try and consistently shoot with the pin at a designated place on the target and adjust the pin accordingly compared to where my shots land on the target. I can only do so much each day because after shooting about a dozen arrows or so my arms are pretty spent and I have a pretty busy schedule so I am an not always able to shoot every day. If there is a much easier and faster way then I would be very interested in finding that out so I can work on my accuracy quicker. I am also curious as to if I need a peep sight or one of the cheek kissers to improve my shooting. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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    If you have an archery shop within a reasonable distance, go there. Tell them your new at this, just picked up this here bow, and that you want to try to make it work better for you. Explane your situation.
    They should be able to safely reduce the weight some, add a peep, and help you get going.
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    when you adjust your sights if you shoot to the the right move it to the right to make it short chase the arrows with the sights shoot high move them up , shoot low move them down.. if you go to a pro shop they will help you a great deal...

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    I find that a kisser button has helped my shooting alot. It allows you to have a consistent anchor point which results in good grouping.

    You don't NEED a peep sight but most people today will use one.

    To sight in a bow you need to have a designated range. I don't think you are using the sight properly once you get it set you leave it you don't adjust it every time you shoot.

    For example pace off 20 yards and shoot an arrow. If the arrow is high to where you are aiming move your pin up. Vice versa for if the arrow is low. If the arrow is left move your whole sight left. Once you are shooting consistently by or near the bulls eye you leave your sight. You will then be sighted in at 20.

    Good luck

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    Default Tips

    I've been doing archery for a while now but im still learning. What i do sometimes is pull back my bow and practice on keeping it steady. When im at 10 meters shooting at school i use the tip of the arrow and aim in the yellow (it depends on how much your pulling back) but when i move back to 15 meters i aim at the top of the target and sometimes it will get in the yellow im still practicing on 15 meter. good luck hope this helps

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    Default My 2 cents

    Everything that's been said above is good, but let me throw a few things in.

    First, buy some more arrows. It's hard to make the most of your practice time if you're spending half of it walking to and from your target. Get cheap ones; you're probably going to lose a few.

    When you're sighting in your top pin at, say, 20 yards, shoot 4 arrows. Make one adjustment at a time, either horizontal or vertical. Shoot 4 more. Keep making the same adjustment until you're in line with the center of the target. Keep shooting your 4 arrow groups, then work on the other adjustment until you're pretty much hitting where you're aiming. Take your time and concentrate on keeping your form consistent.

    Once you're sighted in at 20 yards, you shouldn't have to adjust the horizontal any more. Keep shooting 4 arrow groups and individually adjust the vertical for the other pins at whatever ranges you choose.

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