I have just recently bought my first bow and had a few questions about it but first off I am just using the bow for target shooting as I have no interest in hunting. I bought a Bear Kodiak compound for $100 and it had a mounted quiver that holds 7 arrows and it came with 4 arrows and an assortment of field points and broad heads, I have a 30.5" draw and it's set for 30" at 65 pounds right now which feels fine as soon as I can get my arm strength up to par for shooting a bow that is. The bow has the adjustable brass pin sight on it and I am looking for tips on how to get them setup correctly. Right now I am shooting at a target from right at about 20 yards away, the best thing that I have been able to do is try and consistently shoot with the pin at a designated place on the target and adjust the pin accordingly compared to where my shots land on the target. I can only do so much each day because after shooting about a dozen arrows or so my arms are pretty spent and I have a pretty busy schedule so I am an not always able to shoot every day. If there is a much easier and faster way then I would be very interested in finding that out so I can work on my accuracy quicker. I am also curious as to if I need a peep sight or one of the cheek kissers to improve my shooting. Any help will be greatly appreciated.