Hey there everybody! I am not sure what happened to my account but I think I got deleted or something.
Anyway, I just wanted to tell you all that at the end of January my house caught on fire. Everything was a total loss. I wasn't able to salvage much of anything from the fire. I am here to tell you what, bows and fires do NOT go well together.. You should have seen those limbs..
Anyway I have a new bow on order and will be posting pics soon I hope.. But you know how slow it can be to order a Hoyt. I hope to have it by the end of March, but I guess we will see.
I will be looking to buy some gear, arrows, sights, accessories, etc to dress it all out so if you guys have some good stuff that you want to part with just let me know.
My bow will be in Hoyt's target Blue Fusion finish and I would love to find some blue or blue barred feathers and maybe some arrows and whatnot.
At any rate it will be nice to be back in the archery game soon.