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    Default spring leagues pheasantrun near Champaign IL

    The spring leagues will start April 17 and run for a total of six weekends straight. The dates are April 17, 18, 24, 25 May 1, 2, 8, 9, 15, 16, 22, 23. League members can shoot Saturday or Sunday 8am to 3pm. If there are any rain dates we will make them up May 29, 30. We will be shooting 30 Targets. The cost will be $20 to join (goes directly into prize fund) and $8 per shoot per league day. League dues need to be paid by April 18. League members will be able to shoot any regular non trophy/money shoot for $8 per shoot the rest of the summer. You will need at least two league members to shoot and score for league play at any time. No self scoring. We will pay places for 1st 2nd 3rd and most improve for the year per 10 shooters plus trophies.
    No age limits, youth under 16 will have special awards based on number of youth participating. All shooting considered bow hunters class with max distance of 35yds. Scoring will be as followed: 5 for body hits outside scoring rings, 8 for large score ring, 10 for inside score ring and 15 on those targets with a center spot score ring. Targets with a complete miss will be negative (-15) points. Please turn in your Signed score card at the end of your round. At the end of the third round flighted groups will be assigned based on number of participants. All scoring will be available the following weekend.
    League will be six consecutive weekends. You may shoot on either Sat or Sunday. Course will stay set up until Tue. If you can't make the weekend so you can catch up. Please call to confirm. You must have two registered league members to record your round, No Self Scoring. Management of Pheasant Run can act as a scorer for shooters who canít find another league member to shoot with. In case a weekend is completely rained out make up will be the first available weekend at the end of the league schedule. Pheasant run Management reserves the right to determine if a weekend is canceled due to weather conditions.
    All course rules are to be followed. Please check in before shooting on the course and to receive your score cards. Unsportman like conduct will not be tolerated and can be cause for dismissal from league with forfit of entry fee's.

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    Default website

    Phone # and map on website

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    Default Range dates

    Pheasant Run 3-d Archery
    2010 Dates
    April: 3-4-17-18 Trophy Shoot Sunday
    May: 1-2-15-16 Trophy Shoot Sunday
    June: 5-6-19- 20 Trophy Shoot Sunday
    July: 3-4-17-18 Trophy Shoot Sunday
    August: 7-8-21-22 Trophy Shoot Sunday

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    Default range update

    Start of the target season will soon be upon us as we get closer to our April opening weekend. Like many of you Im tired of the winter weather and looking forward to seeing many of you on the course this comming year. Larry and I spent the last hunting season doing very little hunting. With the misfortune that Larry had with almost choping his left foot off last Aug., his hunting activities were greatly limited. He did manage to take one small buck during shotgun season. Together we both shot in a winter league in IN. at Hill Top Archery. Thanks to Dave and family for doing a wonderful event and breaking up a dull winter. As for my self half way through November I hurt my left knee and that has limited my hunting for Pheasants or grouse hunting with my dogs. I may be starting a new pup this spring if things go right. Both of my dogs are 12 yrs old now and showing their age in their joints, much like me. So if your interested in doing some dog training your welcome to join in the fun.

    As we said when we started this 3d shooting range last July. We spent the winter picking up some new targets and making plans for our first full season. We now have a full 30 targets for the 1st course. Many new targets have been comming in and we are excited to provide you with these improvements without increasing shooting cost. Our goal is to provide top targets and interesting presentations. Thanks for taking the time last season and letting us know what targets you wanted to see. Some of our new targets include more Turkey, Boar, Bear, Deer, coyotee and racoon. We also are planning to make at least one moving target.

    Arangements for a spring league starting in April has been planned. Please look for infromation under League heading on the home page. So far response to this league seems positive. Bonus for joining the league is you will get a 20% reduction in price off regular shooting events all season long. Hope to see everyone this spring.

    Ron & Larry

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    Great Range! Good Luck this year! SCUD

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    Default leagues

    dont forget SPRING leagues will start April 17 and run for 6 weeks.
    Cost $20 to join
    $8 per shoot

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    Default New practice range

    We will be setting up a new practice range with new bag targets.20,30,40yds

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    A group of shooters from Pheasant run is going to Leroy today to shoot at 10am. Hope it does not rain.

    There is 13 days tell our first shoot of the year.

    If you have not signed up for spring leagues time is now.
    They begin April 17. Cost $20 to join, $8 per shoot

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    One week tell opening day at Pheasant Run (April 3-4)

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    We had some shooters from Paxton IL that came out and shot at 15 targets on Sat. They seen to like our new targets.

    7days tell opening weekend. We need some sun to dry out the course.
    Looks like it might get to the 70's by Wednesday. It could be a great weekend if the rain stays away.

    Still time to sign up fo spring leagues. They start April 17.

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    After Easter Lunch we are Coming Over ! See ya then!

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    great see ya

    open 8am tell dark

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    It was a rain out on Saturday.

    Then we had some high winds on Sunday (30 to 40mph winds).

    We had a group that came over from Hilltop IN. that fight the wind.

    Hilltop Thanks for comming out on a windy day.

    Spring Leagues will start on April 17.
    Hope to see everyone then.

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    still time to join spring leagues. give us a call or email us.
    Take a look at our websit

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