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    Default Draw length question?

    I have been shooting a 45" ATA target bow with a Carter jaw-type release at 31" of draw. If I drop down to a 36" ATA hunting bow and use a caliper-type hunting release will my draw length drop down to 30"? Many more bows are available with a maximum 30" draw length. Thanks...

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    Default Dl

    Your DL will not change if you go to a short A to A Bow. That is if your DL is right with the bow you are shooting now.

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    The angle of the string is sure going to change.
    I can only go by my experiences and the few handheld release I've had, but..
    When using the same bow, switching back and forth between my truball tornado wrist strap and a handheld, the handheld felt like I wanted more DL. That could have been just the difference in hand position rotation , or the tornado was longer. I wished I'd have taken a few photos using both so I had a visual. I know there is a difference in what model wrist strap releases in lenth, and some are more lenth adjustable than others.
    Not much help I know. With the shorter ATA and DL bow, the peep will be a little farther from your eye. You may be able to get enough wrist strap adjustment in combination with loop lenth to feel right in DL. Any chance you can try before you buy?
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