I set up my new Z-7 and got it running tonight.

Eyeballed the rest and nock:
• Looking from top down to the shelf positioned arrow near center and parallel to edge of shelf
• Looking from side put arrow dead center through the Berger bolt hole and nock a frog hair high just enough to be sure it wasn’t nock low.

First shot through paper bullet.

That is the way it is for me most of the time lately, the eyeball parallel to edge of shelf is dead on unless there are other issues and center of the Berger bolt hole just plain tunes much better than even just a little high.

Using a PSE Phantom containment drop-away rest.

I may just keep her for a while. At least a week or two anyway. LOL

The valley, let off, and wall are amazing. You could take a nap back there. Reminds me a bit of the Martin C.A.T. cams or an 82nd with the draw stop farther back than spec calls for. Almost feels like you have to push it to get it started. Will be nice for holding at full draw while hunting.

For a shortie bow it is remarkably dead in the hand and quiet … no not really challenging my Commander but nice just the same.

Draw cycle that everyone raves about is actually a bit harsh at the end of the draw with a small hump and quiver of the bow when it drops into the valley. Draw cycle is not this bow’s best attribute even though many seem thrilled by it. Don’t get me wrong it is not bad but I have several bows that draw smoother including an 06 Tribute of similar size and speed.

Best hunting bow ever made ??? Well, it is in that class but not necessarily the best in all attributes. It depends on what attributes are the most important to you. It is not the smoothest, it is not the fastest, it is not the smallest or lightest, etc. But considered as a total package, it is right up there somewhere.

Best wishes.