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    Default Insatiable 2+ vs. The 4 finger Absolute

    If going to purchase a new 4 finger release which of these releases would you pick and why.
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    Default Idea

    Quote Originally Posted by OrthoPT View Post
    If going to purchase a new 4 finger release which of these releases would you pick and why.
    You might PM Xquest

    I understand he liking that new whisper from Carter pretty sweet.

    I like the Target four releases best. Shot one for years. Keep it simple.
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    When choosing a hand held release the most important thing is how it fits in your hand and the angle at which it is designed to fire, this is true despite the type of trigger; be it spike, hinge, or thumb fired. Next in importance is the sear and trigger weight adjustability.
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    That is something that I need some help with I am still useing the same release that I have used for the last 10 years. I dont want to get out of the box. LOL HELP

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