Fellow archers,
I would like to show you a bow, that you never see before!!

Its name is "Renegade 8".
It comes from Germany! Yes, we have a bow manufacturer.
A small, family owned company. But they make excellent bows.

ATA = 36.5"
BH = 8"
DW = 50, 60, 70
DL = 27 - 32.5
Let-off = 70%
IBO = 309 (60#, 30", 300gr.)

With target gear:

It is a double cam system, with shoot through.
String and cables are from VAPORTRAIL!

Partner for the limbs is Dave Barnsdale.
Axles are 6 mm instead of 4 mm like all others.

Counter plates and counter nuts of the limb bolts are from brass:

The grip is a sensation!

Draw force curve:

It is an excellent workmanship, you dont will get a razor blade between
limbs and limb pockets. With the shoot through system, you have
absolute NO cam lean and NO torque to the bow at full draw at all.
It shoots like a dream! Rock solid wall, extremly forgiving and fast enough
for 3-D. Even with my "Micky Mouse" draw length of 27.52", I measured
293 with an Easton BFM!!

The only thing is, you will not find this bow in the US.
AND: Due to the fact, that this bow is produced in very small numbers,
is it expensiv compared with the US big production series.