The Central Wisconsin Sportsmans Club will be hosting a World Series of Archery shoot on Saturday March 13th, in Marshfield. No memberships are required, just bring what you are going to shoot and pay your shooting/pot fee ($20=$15 pot & $5 club fee).

This is a new and exciting target!

Qualifier Lines: 8, 10 AM & 12, 2, 4 PM

You may attempt to qualify as many times as you want!
Line times may be reserved, 45 min check in prior to your time mandatory
Archers will shoot at least one qualifying round of 32 arrows with an
additional final arrow into the “Closest to Center” spot. This final arrow will count first on the score card, followed by the score from the 32 arrows(tie breaker). The archer’s highest qualifying score will dictate if they will be seeded into the shoot-off bracket.
Qualification line times can be reserved, by IM here, or or 715-387-3462

Main Event / Elimination Rounds 6 PM

Approximately 1/2 of field will qualify for the main event
The Elimination Round will be a sudden death, head to head shoot-off.
Archers will shoot one end of 4 arrows with 3 minutes on the clock, and then with the clock reset to 1 minute, they will shoot the most important arrow into the “Closest to Center” spot. The winning archer will advance and the loosing archer will be eliminated. This is continued until an ultimate champion is determined.