I have just noticed that every year Kevin's designs get better, and he has done his best creations yet, with the 2010 Strother lineup. My new SR-71 is smooth, fast, quiet, dead in the hand, and has a solid backwall. A little history with my opinion. I have owned an 06 Bowtech Tribute, then owning his improvement to that bow, which was the 06 Elite E-force, which was a better bow then the Tribute, an 06 E-500, which was a better bow then the Bowtech Allegiance, an 08 Elite GTO, and and 09 Elite GT500 , and now a 2010 Strother SR-71. Obviously, I like his style in bows. Right now, imo, Elite is basically just selling Kevin Strothers old models, except for the Judge. Elite did add adjustable mods to their bows this year, and this is better imo, then draw length specific bows. Well, I have his latest/best design imo, with my new Strother SR-71. I shot the Judge at Crackers shop in MO; VERY disappointed. It was a stiff draw, it had a noisy irritating little buzz to it, and it had noticeable hand shock. I felt it was a step back for Elite. I shot it back to back with the Strother SR-71. I could have bought the Judge at Crackers, or the SR-71. The SR-71 was the clear winner. Clear. Ray Charles would have stated the same; as closing your eyes is best way to really feel and hear the quality of the Strother, and the lack of quality in the Elite Judge. Both were bare bows; except the Judge had limb dampeners on it, the Strother none; nor does it need any and my bow won't have any added to it. Looks wise, I love the Predator camo on the Strother, over the Elite's camo. Shooting wise, it is a tack driver, and I really like the two draw stops, and the fact that it came with Crackers strings on it. I have put well over 400 shots through the bow, and the peep just comes back perfect, and the bow shoots phenomenal. I don't get paid to review bows, nor any company discounts. I just wanted to share my opinion and excitement over this new bow. Shoot them your self back to back..make up your own mind.

What did you shoot before you switched to a Strother, and what decided the switch for you?

A few pics of my new killer