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Thread: 3-d arrow...

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    I shot the victory X ringers with the pin nock system and had horrible luck with them. I shoot alot, and after a couple groups i would need to replace 1 or 2 pin bushings and a nock, im not complaining about good shooting, what im saying is i have indoor worlds next weekend and i dont wanna take 11 arrows with me, and after 30 targets be out of them because of the 3 other people shooting at the same question is what arrow do you think i should take with me, i shoot a 28" 58# 2010 pse dream season with a UF cam. Opinio ns APPRECIATED!!!

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    Could you go w/ a uni bushing and regular nock?
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    Sounds like you alreay have a combo that is working great for you. I wouldn't scrap your set-up. I would just buy more Pin Nock Bushings and Pin Nocks. Plus it will be a lot cheaper.

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    I'll also vote for sticking with your current setup. Just take along some extra bushings and nocks, a plastic bag and a multi tool and you can replace them as needed. It sucks having to replace the nocks/bushings but it's alot cheaper than having to replace arrows.

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