Brand new to your forum. Love it already!

I am pretty new to archery, i say that because it has been almost 20yrs since I shot a bow. A truckload of changes have occured in that amount of time.

Anyway, this rekindled fire is burning hot. I am Addicted to the Pop Up 3D range and hour from my house. I want to shoot it everyday but the hour drive makes that impossible.

Here is my question to everyone out there, regarless of experience in this.

Am I crazy to think I can pay for a pop up 3D system by hosting shoots and tournaments on my property? The best I can tell there arent any type of 3D shoots within an hour of my home. The Pop Up range i have been shooting at is the closest pop up range. Dont have a clue where another one is located.

Bring forth the info! Please?