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    Default Perspective on Broadheads

    lets start by throwing out the size or material of the ferrule of the broadhead and focus on the blades of the broadhead which do the cutting. i am gonna use a (2in. cut with 2 blades), (1.5in cut with 3 blades) and a (1.125in cut with 4 blades). the 1.125 in is the same as 1-1/8in cut. the size of the blades would always be 1/2 the diameter. here goes

    2 inch 2 blade would be 1 inch for each blade = 2 inches of blade.
    1.5 inch 3 blade would be .75 inches for each blade = 2.25 inches of blade
    1.125 inch 4 blade would be .5625 inches for each blade = 2.25 inches of blade

    don't be fooled by the diameter of the cut.

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    Default My thoughts

    I try them on live game.

    I often look at the hole and damage they do.

    I consider how long the deer ran before going down.

    Did the blades stay intact.

    Lots of good heads on the market today. I still wont shoot nothing but fixed blade heads.
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