Finally went ahead and got one and had enough time to shoot with it and thought I would share a little.

Shot it on my Hoyt Alphamx 35, 63 pounds, 28.5 DL, with Easton Fatboy 400s.

The stab itself:

Cost-$225 which is right there with the new Doinkers and B-stingers
Length-Mine was ordered as a 28 inch shaft and with the weights it is 29 1/4 inches long.
Diameter-1 inch OD carbon Fiber
Weight- The weight hub and indivdual weights are 1 ounce each. So I have a total of 4 ounces of weight out front.
Overall weight- Just a tick under 10 ounces. It is super lite

I shot it at yardages ranging from 20 to 100 yards in wind and no wind.

I was worried at full draw and it being soo lite it would not hold. With the weight on the front it held very steady. I normally use a 24 inch Doinker Carbon with 10 ounces of weight. The HR held just as steady. Shot a ton of arrows.

In the wind, it did not make any difference in the way the bow moved because the bow acts like a sail anyway. The bow would cant from the wind catching the riser and limbs but the front stayed straight.

I use the normal SS stab at 12 inches for hunter class. The 12 incher is heavier. I could not tell a difference in the way the two held. The HR and the 12 incher held the same for me.

But after the shot is when I noticed the difference. The 12 inch model has taken my shooting to the next level. I am able to hold steadier than before and get on target quicker. But with the HR, my groups tightened up considerably. Normally at distances from 40 to 70 yards I can put the arrows in a tennis ball each time with fixed pins. With the HR i had the arrows touching, not just in the ball. My groups tightened up way tighter.

The HR took all of the movement that I normally have after a shot and did away with it. How? It has to be the super stiff carbon shaft and the design of the weight hub. It is like the regular SS stab weight hub , only smaller.

So if you are looking for a great target stab, take a good long hard look at the High Roller.

Granted, it is not for everyone. But for me , I am sold.