I got my Zen Ray ED2 8X43's Friday. VERY nice glass. I am impressed and this is my 1st high end glass I have owned. Very clear and crisp images. They seem very well built too. I like. Here are some pics for you guys to see how what they look like, and what their size is. They come with a nice hard case that could be used as a bino case and I would think that you could hook this case up to a Crooked Horn bino system if you would like to. It uses zippers though. I have a Badlands bino case, and I can't emphasize how nice this Badlands is for taking care of something nice like these binos, a camera, rangefinder, cell phone, or whatever you want to use it for. They claim near waterporofness with the silent magnet seal and will def keep out dust.

Info that helped me with my choice.