I bought a United States Stove Company multi fuel stove Model 6100 and it sucks big time. It truly is crap unless you like to shut it down every day to clean it out. The ash pot is the problem it build up in such a small area it blocks air from getting to the burn pot. The company is basically saying its not a problem? Getting the run around from them. I live in Michigan and want to use corn to heat my house. This 6100 Model claims to heat up to 2000 sq ft { my butt}. I know of a another buyer which is returning this big heavy stove. Mine is going back after I photo graph everything from scratch and start a State complaint. This is the the stove to stay away from like the plague. http://www.usstove.com/cgi-bin/csvse...ivid.pl?ID=116 I f you know anyone that has purchased one of these PLEASE PM me.