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Thread: Sight Extension

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    Question Sight Extension

    What are the advantages/disadvantages in long sight bars/extensions. I see some sureloc's set all the way out, but I also see them set in against the riser. Whats the scoop on this, you target shooters?
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    The biggest advantage is that the farther the sight is extended from the riser the longer the sight radius is. Thus better accuracy. Also, if using a scope they can be blurry and some guys will adjust the length of the extension to help clear it up some. Or......depending on the size of the peep the length can be adjusted so that the peep encircles the sight guard for a person's preference.

    The downside is the farther the sight is from the riser the more percieved movement the sight will have on the target.

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    Yes, bfisher is correct. I use a Trophy Ridge Rhino sight with a relatively long sight bar. I got that specifically to get the sight window close to the perimeter of my peep. The advantage for me is that all I do is center the sight ring in the peep and then move the desired pin over the target. A real downside for me with this is that there is a perception that the sight pins are closer together. I find that to be a good compromise though. My accuracy has definitely improved with that sight set up the way it is.


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    I have a sure loc w/a 9 inch bar......I use it at about 3/4 shoots best there.......for me anyway.....
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