Man, I am ready! Shot the breeze with GSLAM95 last night, and as always it turns into a 2 hr phone call. Hunting talk, hunting talk, hunting talk. Love it! Well, I had plans on putting a skin from a tom last year on my pretty boy, but I just thought he looked to bulky, when I had placed it on the deke last spring. Well, John said he was going to go for it on his, so he gave me the incentive to try again. This is the best I could get him, but after seeing some videos with gnarley looking hen stuffers, that look like they have been drug behind a pickup truck with a log chain for 10 miles, and they are still very effective, I decided to go with the real feathers on pretty boy. I think he will do good. Next to him is a new Dave Smith Decoy in the A.C.E. technology. Can't wait to see yours John!