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    Default City Slickers Archery Help?

    I am a twenty year old college football player who has lived in the New England area for my entire life. I just made a website that teaches people who want to get involved in bow hunting. I have some ideas, like I wanted to sell the hand carved longbows I made for really cheap, (because we all know how expensive a longbow can be, I wanted people to be able to buy a bow for less money so they can get started, instead of buying one for like $300 or $200) on the website. I have hunting stories, all the equipment and explanations of the equipment and terms needed to get started. Please check out the website and let me know what you think. My website is, Please, I would really appreciated feedback on what I could improve. Thank you.

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    Default Input???

    Hey, again, I have been getting some GREAT advice from members through private messages and I thank all of you! Some of you have messaged me and said some pretty nasty stuff saying that this was a spam attempt. And I apologize to all of you that believed that! In no means do I intend for that! I appreciate everyone’s input. To let you know I will explain what my website is about so you have a clearer sense and what I plan to do to improve my website.
    This website, which I have been in the process of making for the past 2 years is a website intended for people who want to get involved and know where to start in the sport of archery or bowhunting. I explain the terms and lingo of archery and all of the techniques and equipment used in archery and bowhunting. I go through everything from what a draw length and weight is, to odor control.
    Now what I plan to do, Hopefully, between my school work and football in college, I will be able to add my homemade longbows, for cheap, to the website because we all know how expensive longbows can be. I was planning on selling them for around $100- $150 per bow. However, I am afraid that if people who are new to the sport see this on the site will be scared away that all of the information is just “B.S” and I would want them to just buy the bows and not read the information. Also, I plan to take different kinds of game, such as whitetail deer, turkey, hogs and elk and put diagrams on where to shoot and techniques used specifically for that animal.
    Thank you and I am anxiously awaiting any advice that any of you can help me.
    My website is Cityslickersarchery.com
    Thank you
    - pdempsey

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