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    Default Tim gilingham/ Tom Crowe's "controlled" punch?

    How exactly is this executed properly?

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    Mike "Javi" Cooper

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    Default Video

    Just watch the video of Tim shooting on my Paris thread. Its called get on target and pull. No different than most shooting thumb or trigger type releases. You can be deadly accurate. Dietmier Trillus the Vegas champion shoots the same way. Michael Braden shoots the same way.

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    Default A few facts I have learned over the years:

    It is really hard (if not impossible) to beat a good command shooter in the wind.

    It is really hard (if not impossible) to beat a good command shooter when his "timing" in on.

    Very few command shooters are able to be as consistent day-to-day as their non-command competitors.

    The mental approach to each style is very different.

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    I've gotten the up close and personal view of Dietmar shooting over the years. When he's 'on' its just awesome to see it and take it all in. He makes it look sooooo easy and smooth. Just flat out impressive to witness.
    When he says he's a little 'off' its still awesome shooting. I'd trade my best day for his 'off' day anytime. I don't think its a 'pure' command as he has some elbow rear movement but he definitely makes it 'happen'.
    When a command shooter is firing on all cylinders, there is no one who can touch them and they could shoot the wings off a bee. When a command shooter is really off, the melt down isn't pretty sometimes. I've never seen Dietmar really off but other guys I know its painfull to watch.
    Congrats to Tim G for the win! That article he wrote in TTA this month was a really good read and shows how he works for his success!
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    Default Michael Braden is NOT a command shooter!

    Dan, Mike shoots an index release but with pure back tension. Tim is a command shooter, hence the nickname "Hammer". I also shoot an index release with pure back tension, Michael taught me.

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