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Thread: Gold tip

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    Default Gold tip

    Whats the quality like on these arrows? Ive heard alot of bad reviews on them. thinking about the XXX for 3-d.

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    I ve just switchedback to the xt hunters and their quality is just as good as the eastons i was using.Ive shot GT 4-5 years ago and i see same quality as then.
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    I used XXX for indoors this years and shot some of my best scores.

    I used 5" feathers and 150Gr points ans pin nocks...I was very happy with them.

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    Default Bad reviews

    Quote Originally Posted by View Post
    Whats the quality like on these arrows? Ive heard alot of bad reviews on them. thinking about the XXX for 3-d.
    Honestly think there the best Carbon Arrow on the market.

    Levi Morgan left and went with Easton and now has switched back to Goldtip. He was the hottest 3d pro last year shooting the Triple X arrows.

    He has proven these arrows will shoot and you can win with them.
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    Default Gold Tip Quality

    Gold Tip is one of the finest arrows in 3d archery and now with addition of 30x and XXX is some of the best both indoor and 3d. The tolerance specs are very good if you go with the pros. DO NOT buy the regular shafts.

    Tip: Take and weigh all of your arrows to check the grain tolerance before building. If they are out of spec...regroup them and call Gold Tip w/ your pro shop where you bought them. They stand behind their stuff pretty good. Remember all specs are based on 1 dozen arrows being bought together in a bundle.

    If within spec, float your arrows in a bathtub or use a spine tester, marking the stiff part of the spine and I prefer to fletch the stiff spine w/ the C fletch up. It doesn't matter if you fletch the spine up or long as it's all fletched the same.

    Tip2: Remember the heavier the arrow, the better the down range consistency and can help fight the wind. The tip weight for most arrows is light...check with the 150 grain tips and grind off 10,20,30...whichever you can achieve to still gain your 7-8% front of center (be very selective on fletching. 2.3" or 3" or larger duravanes with help with the balance) and also about 7-8 grains per pound, depending on bow weight. I've built arrows from 5 grains per pound to 10 grains per pound, using a 55lb deflection and the 7-8 range has been the most consistent.

    I used to be an Easton Man. I recently switched to Gold Tips because of the nock design (do not glue in...Read your directions) and some bad luck with a batch of Fatboys.

    As far as the bad reviews...remember that the bigger the shaft today...the thinner the outer wall. This can produce weak spots after a lot of shots. It' wise to not only check your shafts before shots...but also keep track of how many shots you've got on your shafts. A lot of pros I've talked to have switched shafts before/after 200+ shots or so. The carbon will begin to break down...quicker with more KE and also tip pressure depending on the target stiffness upon shaft entry. Paper tuning and group tuning can save the first six inches of your shafts by making clean entry's into the targets and not kicking up or down putting a different flex on the arrow closer to the tip.

    Gold Tips will be a good choice. Good Luck!!
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    If you want a "27" carbon, the XXX is the best choice. Gold tip has a great nock system. They also offer Pro point style tips for half the price of the Pro Points. The xxx's are tough too.

    My experience has been that the triple xxx's shoot best for archers with long dl and high poundage.

    I never had good luck with the 30x's nor did anyone I shoot with. As far as the shaft consistency alone, I believe Carbon Express does a much better job across the entire line of carbon arrows.

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