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    Default Most comfortable and consistent release aid.

    Im looking for a release i can fall in love with and keep forever, and just feels solid and crisp and comfortable everytime, and one have any input as to what the most comfortable and consistent release made is?

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    Only you can answer that. The advice I will give is to go to the big shoots where the vendors are set up. Play w/ as many as you can. Look for comfort and being able to relax your hand w/ it. I personally fell for the carter insatiable 2 but you may hate it. Carter, truball, scott and so many others all make fantastic releases.

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    Default Carter releases

    Target four and three finger are very popular.

    Insatiable is another fantastic release.

    I believe the three finger releases work the best.

    Xquest has used the target three for years and won many pro and national titles for years. Sometimes just keep it simple.
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    Everyone is different. The target 3 was too small for my hands, so I went to a Just B Cuz.

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    I use a Carter Chocolate Addiction or a Carter Hammer for hunting.. for competition I generally use a Scott Longhorn 2 finger... (old style)
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    4 finger Insatiable and Atension is how I roll. Try others and keep coming back to these two. Some kind of Scott for hunting though. That scott Ibex looks comfy but haven't seen any around.
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    I've been through quite a few recently, and am really getting comfortable with the Chocolate addiction 3 finger. Fits my hand very comfortably and I really like the adjustability.

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    Carter Just-b-cause is a real nice release that I used for a couple of years but I just gave it up for a Stan's Shoot Off. Just as comfortable as the carter but way better adjustment for fine tuning the trigger weight and thumb position.

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    I just bought the Chocolate 3 finger and I love it.

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