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    Default Lightest Arrow Possible for 32 lbs

    DW shoots a Hoyt Razor-tech maxed out at 32 lbs on the limbs. She's shooting LS 500's with 75 gr Saunders screw-ins with insert, CBE uni-bushings with A/C/E nocks, and 1.5" Blazers, total arrow length of 24-1/2", but can go 1" shorter, for a total weight of 265 grains.
    Want to find a shaft/point/nock/vane combo that would put her down near 200 grains, if possible. Would make her 3-D experience a lot better...and mine too, so I wouldn't have to chase as many arrows.
    Considering Flatlines with 50 grain glue in's and 1" micro-Blazers.
    Any lighter shafts out there than 6.5 GPI? Helium filled shafts? Anti-gravity?

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    Just using years of experience and without looking at any charts or computer programs I know a 500 spine is way too stiff for her so she should be shooting something closer to a 900 spine. Now finding that in the weight you want might take some time and cost some serious coin.

    About the best I can come up with within reason is Gold Tip's Ultralite 600 or the Entrada 600 if price is an issue. I believe the shaft is 5.7 gpi. With the shaft cut to 25.5", three 2" feathers, standard nock, and a 35 grain Nibb they should weigh right at 199-200 grains. They're still going to be plenty stiff so you might want to add Gold Tip weights to the back of the Nibb.

    I shoot these with a 35 gr tip and 10 grain weight for a total of 45 gr and the total arrow weight is 209 gr. I shoot these out of a 26.5" DL FireCat set at 42# and am getting 275 fps. The FOC isn't too high, but at just under 8% it's enough for 3D target arrows.

    You'd be best off checking some of the Carbon Tech Cheetah arrows or Easton Redlines (if you can find them). Considering what you are trying to accomplish you need to look at arrows that weigh in the neighborhood of 5.5 gpi.

    Maybe somebody with OT2 can confirm the proper spine, but you can also look at Easton's Target Shaft Selector to get a better idea of spine requirements.
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    You might check out the Victory Nanoforce 600s. They weigh in at 5.4 gpi

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    I was just gonna say:
    check out the Victory Nanoforce 600s
    throw some 80 grain points and 3" parabolic cut natural feathers and look-out!

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    i'd go with the Goldtip Ultralight 600's.. ive used 50 gr. in the past, works well.. i prefer the 80 gr points myself, they just feel better. my 3D arrows weigh about 255 gr, but i have a 27" draw.
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