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Thread: aimming issue

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    Default aimming issue

    Hi just got myself a truball short'n'sweet s2 and iam not sure if i should shoot with a d-loop or shoot with the rope.
    Also i dont know if they is a way but when i start my shoot i am above the target but as i come down i carnt stop until i get 2" under the spot then iam rock solid i find it really hard to come back up.
    Is this a draw length issue

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    I like a d loop. I don't like the idea of something maybe changing how it pushes on the arrow.

    Try this. Put an arrow in the bow and no matter what don't shoot it. This is very important don't shoot it. Come to anchor and just aim at the spot. Can you now hold on the spot or do you still drop below the spot? If you still drop below the target try taking 1/4 turn out of the bottom limb bolt and see if this helps. Check your groups as you take 1/4 turns out and you may find a sweet spot where you are getting small groups.

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    This great little tid bit comes from Jeff (JDX on here)

    This will help your problem but be warned it's alot tougher to do than it seems.


    Rotational aiming this will be done at your normal aiming distance – hang up the target faces that tends to give you the most problems.
    Now draw your bow back with an arrow and try to settle in on the X – hold it there as long as you can before you start to get to shakey (( Don’t shoot the arrow - -Let Down ) – this could be 5 seconds or 15 seconds
    At the beginning of this step I have witnessed people all of a sudden jump or shake as if hit by a electric zapper – this would be the mental fear – panic and the result of the tremor was your panic wanting to fire the bow will you are training on patience in time the zap effect will be gone.
    You need to pull up aim as long as you can and let down 9 times then shoot your 10th arrow –boring but it works – Now do this every day for a minimum 2 weeks. Try not to shoot for score on any other events during this period.

    What you will find is you can come in from different angles I prefer from the top and settle into the zone and actually be relaxed will holding over the x area.

    The next process after completing the 2 weeks of the first step
    Use a arrow backstop that is large enough to hang a couple target faces – but only hang 1 face up
    Now you will have some extra room around the target face.
    “If possible” shoot as close to the normal distance you would be shooting the game .say - 20yards
    Now take your first arrow draw back and aim and shoot at the blank area of the arrow backstop – normally the shot goes off smooth and easy.
    Now take the second arrow and draw back aim and shoot at the X on the target face – this normally is not as easy or smooth – your mind is trying to keep the sight on the x and you tensed a little.
    Keep rotating back in forth until the arrow shot at the - x area feels as easy and as smooth as aiming at nothing on the arrow backstop.

    The great thing about this exercise is the bows fires so smooth and the shot feels perfect when aiming at just the blank area, you will tend to strive for that explosive feeling and then as you aim at the x – time takes longer and tension builds because your mind is trying to aim, but you don’t tend to get disgusted because the shot prior was awesome - what happens in time and the purpose of the drill is your shot on the x will end up being the same as the blank bale, this exercise of shooting every other at the target face vs bale is more productive then the blank bale. Blank bale shooting became famous because it allows someone to get used to a new release and it grew from there but after a few shots they all seem the


    thanks Jeff

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