Does your bow need a tune-up? Let Tater’s Archery Solutions help . . . . . .

When was the last time your bow had a tune up? Or has it ever been checked? Is your draw length right? Is your bow hitting peak poundage? Is it hitting peak poundage at the proper place in the draw cycle? What is your let-off? Are your cams synchronized like they should be? Would you like your bow tuned to have slightly more, or slightly less valley? All of these things contribute to the way your bow will feel and perform. If you have ever owned a bow or shot someone else’s that has been tuned to perfection then you know what I mean.

I will not claim to be any type of “Supertuner”, there is nothing magical about the way I tune a bow. I will say, however, that over the last 4 years I have found a knack for working on bows with slaved cam systems and believe that it makes a big difference in feel and performance when they are tuned the way they should be.

My service will include recording all vital measurements of your bow, including speed, before the tuning process. Then I will set everything to factory specs and properly time and synchronize your cams. Next I will make sure that your rest and nock point are properly set. I will then record all of the vital measurements again and put them on a sheet with your “pre-tune” measurements that I will send back to you with your bow. This will show you what was done and what you gained from the tuning. You ship the bow, the arrow you would like it tuned to, and I will have the bow tuned and back in the mail in 3-6 business days. If you are not satisfied with my work I will refund your money.

For an additional charge I can use archery software (On Target 2) to analyze your complete setup and advise you on proper arrow spine, arrow length, point weight, etc. If you like, custom arrows can also be ordered and sent back with your bow. I can also print out custom calibrated sight tapes for target sights and single pin sliders like HHA and the Sword Centurion. For multi-pin sights I can provide a print out of precise pin “gapping” for your particular setup.

If you are interested in having a set of custom strings installed before your tune-up I know several quality custom string makers and would be happy to order the strings and install them for you before I start the tuning process, you just pay for the strings.

If you are interested in scheduling a tune-up or maybe inquiring about another service, please send email to and I would be happy to work with you. Thanks.