Got two, Bastrop County Bowhunters on May 2, and L& L Archery on May 9.
Here's the BCB site for info:
L&L will be a jackpot money shoot. $15 entry fee, and pays two places. Shoot what you brung. Women and kids comp too. $10 free-for-all shots, winner take all.
Good food in Bastrop. Jalisco's migas, menudo, and carne guisada will git you started right. Nancy's Steakhouse, with big old 9-12 count shrimp stuffed into a huge jalapeno filled with cheese, battered and deep fried. Slap 'yo momma good.
Supposed to have a new Bison at the BCB shoot, so all ya'll Waco shooters will have at least ONE shot you don't need a mulligan for...