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Thread: Georgia ASA

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    Default Georgia ASA

    Good to see Jame in the hunt. Also good to see Jack Wallace in 2nd.
    TG on a tear lately and Terry Reynolds in the mix too. ASA results are shaking up this this year. Anyone can come up with the win anymore.

    Any guys doing well down there this weekend?
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    Default Chris Hacker

    Chris Hacker finished 3rd in Open Pro today. Congratulations to Chris!

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    Kevin Koch won the Semi pros. Thats two wins for him.

    Julie Devine took 7th in womens open
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    Default Danny Evans takes 2nd

    Danny Evans shoots 20 up on 2nd day to move up to 2nd going into the shoot down and stays there. Congrats to him long deserved finish for him.

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    Congrats to Danny!!! He shot awesome!! It was great to be in the shootdown round with him, he has been long overdue to get there!!

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    Yea it was a pretty cool weekend getting to see so many good friends making some great improvements.

    Hacker and Danny great job getting in the shootout...

    Julie was leading after day one and was feeling good going into day two, but she learned a lesson not to be forgotten anytime too soon. Her Super peep had fallin out sometime during her shoot and she noticed things looked hazy so she cleaned her lens and nope did not help, so she shot three fives high and I guess she was aligning her peep to the top of the scope instead of centering. Well when she found me after the shoot she thought the string stretched and after taking a close look at her bow and I found the HUGE peep hole glaring at me. She was relieved in one way cause she was beginning to think it was her shooting but then she is like man I should have noticed that big hole. Well I guess that is why we work our way up to the pro rankings to learn some valuable lessons.

    Congrats Guys It was a fun weekend, pretty cool going on the national ASA trail if you never done it you otta try it pretty cool..

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