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    Default Bowtech coming on strong.

    First let me say I shoot Hoyt Bows and do not have a dog in this fight. I live in South Arkansas and for years Mathew's ruled the roost. Hoyt in this part of the country has never been a factor. The past couple years Bowtech has become the bow of choice for 3 d shooters and hunters in south arkansas. May be different elsewhere. Use to every pick-up truck had a Mathew's sticker on the bumper or windshield. Now it bowtech. Three years ago when we started an indoor league, it was all Mathews and my lone Hoyt. Now it's about half and half bowtech and mathews and my lone Hoyt. Bowtech is doing something right.
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    Thumbs up Good Bows

    Most the companies today are building great product, Hoyt, Matthews, Bowtech, Elite,Pse and many others. For the most part it is advertising dollars that sells bows today. More folks see a product on the Tube or the big names using it, they buy and tell there buddies. Matt Mcpherson is a master at getting his product noticed. And using only the finest materials made in the USA helps also..
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    Reputable dealers are the answer for getting a new bow company off the ground and running.

    Companies such as Mathews will sell anywhere due just to name recognition at this point. No amount of leg humping internet posts is going to get me to buy a bow that I have never gotten the chance to handle.

    Most companies available today put out great products, it just takes a competent dealer with a valued and trusted oppinion to positively introduce a new product.

    It has worked here w/ Bowtech, I'm sure it would be the same w/ Elite as well.
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    about the same here mostly mathews with a few hoyt bows. but that is changing. I am seeing more bowtech bows now. and I know why. I bought a used bowtech connie and it is one sweet shooting bow.
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