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    Default Cheap bow for girlfriend

    My girlfriend is a huge fan of fantasy and whatnot and is really into bows so I wanted to surprise her on her birthday with one, but the task is much more difficult than I had first thought. I have no idea what to get her. I've done a little bit of archery at a resort in Mexico, but other than that I don't know much about it.

    I'm looking for something cheap, preferably less than 100$ including the necessary accessories for shooting. Something simple, but nice looking that she can shoot targets with in the backyard. She isn't into compound bows, but she loves wooden recurve and longbows. I know that there are very few cheap bows like this, but it's all I can afford at the moment.

    She's turning 20, 5'4" and fairly weak so I assumed a smaller bow with a light weight. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Default $100.00

    $100.00 wont get you a full set up with todays bows.
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    a Samick Polaris is under 100 bucks. but thats not set up but you could possibly set it up for about 130 bucks. If you need to know the specifics of what size to get her call lancaster archery supply and they would be more than happy to help you.1-800-829-7408 best of luck and god bless

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    at your course..taking your money


    you might find decent used bow for $100.00 but whole setup might be tough.... I'd check classifieds...
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