when everything seems to work together
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    Default when everything seems to work together

    been working on my destroyer 350 . a little over 70 lbs 29 in getting 340 fps . with a 350 grain arrow . just switched to victory arrows went with vh300 with fushion vanes. had to add wraps and bullcollars plus shoot a inch longer arrow to get the weight to 350 . hooter tuned all arrows into a 1/2 hole at 23 yards . took it outside to shoot broadheads . tried almost every head i had . couldnt beleive i could put them all in a 4 in circle at 50 yards at 340 fps . did this with spitfires , wacems, slick tricks , slick trick grizzes ,maniacs , talon xts, and evan muzzy and thunderheads ( usually the last two get a little squirrilley after 310 fps ) all 100 grain, all with the same set up .

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    Wow I say you got it right on the money....

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    Those Destoyer 350's are definately shooters.

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