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Thread: field leagues

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    Default field leagues

    Hi I was wondering if field leagues are popular at your clubs......for the first time ever we had our field league cancelled because we only had 2 teams. I really enjoy shooting field I think it makes me a better archer and would hate to see it get brushed off to the side. If you have good turnouts for field what are you doing to promote it.....looking for some help here thanks
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    Not to much field by me. I can only think of 3 shoots all summer long without driving a couple hours. I would love to get into field more but can't jusify spending a lot of time practising field if there are only a couple of rounds to shoot each year.

    Maybe we need to put a pic of a deer and bear head on the top of every target with little stick legs on the bottom and tell people we have a new way to shoot a 3d round.

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    We make sure that the local Traditional leagues are aware and we advertise at the local pro shops and at the range. we get arround 15-20 teams.
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    We have kept up the field ranges and leagues going for years at our club. It seems field has died in the KC area as we only get a handful of shooters.

    There are still enough of us that love shooting it to keep the range going, but not enough to break even on the cost of the paper targets.

    It is unfortunate that field has died off as there is no better true measure of an archer than shooting field IMO. I enjoy field and encourage all archers I interact with to give it a try.

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