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    Default Diamond liberty for sale

    i have a diamond liberty and im trying to get an idea of what i could get out of it i can sel it bare bow or with everything on it its a right handed bow with a 60 pound draw weight ive had it for about three years and im lookin to upgrade. give me some ideas please.

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    honestly, depending on the year (the Diamond liberty was made in 2006, 2007, and 2008) and if you post some photos, I can certainly tell you the year, if you are not already aware of what year it is.

    in MINT condition, at very most it would be worth about $325 (if it is a 2008 model) and subtract about $50 for each year older it is..

    these do not hold resale very well at all, mainly because they were available at big box stores and they got them in mass amounts and when they did not sell them and had to carry them over, they would sell them for peanuts (i saw them sitting on the shelf brand new not too long ago for less than $400) and since it is used, its worth less, and the new owner will NOT have a warranty on the bow, seeing is it is used.

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